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Bio Health Scan
(DNA/Blood Analysis)

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Comprehensive, Alternative Blood
Screening Test

The Bio Health Scan is a unique, innovative approach to health screening, offering a highly informative method of body analysis. Through investigation of a dry blood sample, complete body scanning on a cellular level is carried out, providing a holistic assessment of your major body organs. The scan offers an alternative way of identifying root causes to problems, testing for infections, blockages etc with expert biological feedback from one of our Consultants.. We believe that there is nothing quite like this available anywhere else in the UK.

Blood sample

Certified testing kit

Results in 7 days


Per Person

Visit our Clinic

Pay and collect your test kit from our Clinic during opening times.

Receive a Blood Test Kit via Post

Pay and collect your test kit from our Clinic during opening times.

No Additional Costs
Fast Results
Email Report & Printed Copy

What is the Process?

Once purchased, a blood test kit is sent out to you via post. Only 2 to 3 drops of blood are required. Simply follow the instructions on how to take the blood sample and return the blood sample back to our clinic (by post or in person). Through investigation of the live blood sample, complete body scanning on a cellular level is carried out that enables accurate, reliable and reproducible information to be revealed and collected. A written report will then be sent to you highlighting any organs showing energetic weakness or inflammation, including possible infections etc. The results provided may be useful for your Doctor / Physician in their investigations towards improving your health.

More about the Bio Scan

The Bio Health Scan analyses the energy in your body with great detail and precision. It is an easy and innovative way of checking what is going on inside your body, allowing us to identify root causes, rule out guesses and discover your most at risk body systems before, or after, symptoms of disease appear. 

Conventional forms of diagnosis such as MRI, CT, Ultrasound and X Rays all offer their individual strengths and provide vital insights into the condition of a person. However, perhaps for reasons related to time, costs etc, all of these tests mainly focus on one particular area i.e. MRI scan for the spine, CT scan for the stomach etc.

Our Bio Health Scan (through blood analysis) completely transforms the way patients are accustomed to experiencing health examinations and offers an alternative method of screening. No longer are there wait times and lengthy examinations that take weeks to receive the results. The Bio Scan can assess all major body organs and provide you with full results in 7 to 10 days.

With the aid of various EU certified bioresonance systems, we offer blood testing on a cellular level in a revolutionary way. We challenge for specific root cause triggers in each individuals body and gather the information which forms a holistic picture of what the body's healing might be being hampered by. Our expert Consultants then assess your results and provide you with a report highlighting areas/organs within
the body that may be showing signs of energetic weakness.

Area of Analysis

Below are some of the systems that can be analysed. The Bio Health Scan would not necessarily highlight all of these areas but would seek to reference specific areas where any issues / abnormalities are detected.

Spine (Cervical, Thoracic & Lumbar), Bones, Joints, Muscles, Tendons, Ligaments, Cartilage
Lymph Nodes, Tonsils, Spleen, Bone Marrow, Blood Cells.

Heart, Coronary Vessels, Arteries, Veins, Valves, Capillaries, Blood Cells

Brain, Spinal Cord, Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Eyes, Ears, Nose,

Kidneys, Bladder, Ovaries, Uterus, Fallopian Tubes, Prostate

Lungs, Trachea, Bronchi, Pleura, Nose, Sinuses, Mouth, Larynx, Pharynx

Stomach, Duodenum, Intestines, Oesophagus, Liver, Pancreas, Gall Bladder

Find out the potential causes of your problems with a Bio Health Scan



The contents of our test reports are not meant to infer any diagnosis, treatment or cure of specific conditions and illnesses. Although many illnesses can be linked to nutritional deficiencies, intolerances and pathogenic or toxic influences, the likely presence of such in your report is not necessarily indicative of the illness itself. If you are concerned about your health, please seek the advice of your GP or Medical Adviser. The information provided in our test reports may help them further towards considering more formal investigations in line with current medical practice.

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